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System Pure

Ikona izolacji akustycznej

Acoustic insulation: Rw 33 - 39 dB

  • Single-glazed system
  • Structural profiles 25 mm or 30 mm high and 22 mm thick
  • Maximum height: 3,500 mm
  • Aluminium profiles: powder coated according to the RAL palette
  • Glass panes joined using double-sided adhesive tape or microprofiles
  • Filling of walls with laminated or toughened safety glass with a thickness of 10 mm ÷ 12 mm
  • Possibility of placing light switches on the frame profile
  • There is an option to make decorative films or install manual or electric blinds

An elegant and flexible system that offers the functionality required in modern architectural designs.

A flagship product with a minimalist and lightweight geometry. Pure is a single-glazed wall system with 10 mm or 12 mm thick glass panes. The hallmark of this system are small aluminium profiles - 22 mm wide and 25 mm or 30 mm high. Pure is a system designed for very light and minimalist arrangements. The use of a small amount of aluminium and invisible gaskets creates the impression of 100% translucency. The maximum height of walls constructed with the application of this system is 3,500 mm. With this system, it is possible to achieve acoustic insulation at the level of 39 dB.


Glazed wall Glazing Acoustic insulation Rw
Full-height glazed VSG 55.1 Rw = 33 dB
Full-height glazed VSG 66.1 Rw = 36 dB
Full-height glazed VSG 55.2 Si Rw = 36 dB
Full-height glazed VSG 66.2 Si Rw = 38 dB
Full-height glazed VSG 66.2Si + (AKU) Rw = 39 dB